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Here at UpGrooW, our counselors provide career assistance to the students who want to join their favorite stream. We appreciate that dreams and aspirations of every student are unique in their own way, hence we understand how important it is to provide guidance and counselling that changes into opportunities.


MBA is an internationally-recognized and highly prestigious business degree that focuses on the management of relationships. A successful MBA graduate will be able to understand, manage and evaluate any business from a financial, technical, or interpersonal perspective.

Data Science

Data science is a process that begins with acquiring the data and ends with generating some sort of output such as reports, visualizations, etc., or acting on it. This may include machine-learning algorithms among other things. Data science involves many different stages in its life cycle from starting to the deployment and so on

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, systems, networks, and data from hackers who attempt to access confidential or protected information. This term can be further categorized by what it covers; for example, network security or software security.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a way to make computer programs learn automatically from experience without being explicitly programmed. It is a subfield within AI that allows computers to be self-aware and to make decisions based on data analysis, “pattern matching”, and prediction

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the art of communicating with your audience via internet-based mediums which means the act of selling products and services through platforms such as social networking websites, search engine optimization, emails, among others. Digital marketing is any form of marketing using electronic devices located on the Internet.


Blockchain is a kind of ledger that maintains and records data in a way that allows multiple organizations and individuals to confidently share access to the same data in real-time while mitigating concerns around security, privacy, and control. Since every transaction of this digital ledger is guaranteed by the owner’s digital signature, it cannot be tampered with and is quite safe.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy in which the person or company who invested in the campaign only gets charged for results – for example, if you have an ad that drives users to a landing page and 1% of those people register for your newsletter.

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